HLAB proposes a renewed international exchange through education which eventually creates a general flow from inbound to outbound.

Getting people in without relying on Japan's unique charms

We invite bright, young students from the world's leading institutions
as "mentors" for Japanese high school students.

Recently, Japanese government try to attract foreigners those who are interested in Japan's unique charms such as Anime or Japan's distinct culture.

However, what is actually required is a little different. What we want is not limited to those who are interested in Japan, but rather is limited to our future leaders who are interested in everything our world has to offer. After all, this is not about getting people interested in Japan.

HLAB invites young college students from all over the world as "mentors" for Japanese high school students. This is, however, not just simply an invitation to come to Japan; rather, this is an invitation to get deeply involved in a local community through education. HLAB also provides an opportunity to make new, lifelong friends. Those experiences in Japan would be a meaningful impact on someone from another country and community.

Mentoring and Introspection

Getting from "inbound" to "outbound"

Recieving some criticism about being too inward focused, the efforts to provide scholarshops and information in order to get students abroad have been proceeding.

But, what has been becoming more important is getting the voices and opinions of those with experience directly to the next generation - community building.

The opportunities that HLAB provides are through the mentors, from both here and abroad, who make what lies outside of Japan closer than ever before. By inviting the bright, young men and women from all over the world, we encourage the world's next generation to spread their wings and explore the world. This creates the basis of HLAB's "inbound" and "outbound" style of international exchange.

Aiming to be the hub that connects Japan with the World

Diplomacy through education

At HLAB, we are taking the things we've learned abroad and bringing it back to the community. As the mentors of the next generation, we help our students take the first step towards their goals. Mentorship through international exchange goes beyond national borders and generational gaps, and HLAB helps to maintain the cycle of ideas.

Also, the experience of cooperating on projects with both Japanese and international students as well as the experience of living together both go well beyond national borders and ideas. HLAB's learning environment makes it easy for anyone to network on a personal level, and that plants the seed for an internationally minded student.

Just like the American Fullbright Scholarship Program, we want to make international exchange accessible and remain committed to creating that opportunity.

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