HLAB offers liberal arts summer school where the students and mentors with diverse backgrounds stay and learn together.

HLAB Programs

HLAB is a Summer School that looks at “teaching” and “learning” from a different perspective. Rather than using the traditional lectures and classes to teach, the program provides an environment for the participants to learn from each other in a diverse environment through casual mentorship.

In the Japanese culture, future paths and career options are often restricted by domestic and social influences. On the other hand, the “Liberal Arts Education” that HLAB promotes allows for the participants of different origins, nationalities, schools, and generations to gather and inspire each other. Together, this diverse group will support each other to acheive their future goals. HLAB is currently applying this new form of education into the traditional Japanese high school education.

HLAB holds summer school
at 4 sites- Tokyo, Obuse,
Tokushima and Tohoku.


Partners of HLAB

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