The Board of Directors

Ryosuke Kobayashi
Founder and Executive Director
Ryosuke Kobayashi is an educational entrepreneur who leads HLAB: an innovative educational boutique made of architects, creators, engineers, consultants, marketers, and educators who gathered in pursuit of an ideal learning environment.

Ryosuke founded HLAB in 2011 at the age of 19 and has raised over 3 million dollars. Its project includes: flagship summer programs that brought together 2000+ students from 20 countries; 11-million-dollar-per-annum scholarship program to promote public diplomacy; and pioneering independent residential colleges in the heart of Tokyo. HLAB also provides consulting and solution services to universities; governments; and foundations.

Ryosuke is the youngest David Rockefeller Fellow at the Trilateral Commissions; and also a member of Global Shapers Community of the World Economic Forum. Ryosuke was born and raised in Tokyo and graduated from Harvard College in 2014 where he earned A.B in Government with a Secondary Field in Economics.
Kiyoshi Kurokawa
After receiving a M.D. and a Ph.D. from the University of Tokyo Faculty of Medicine, Professor Kurokawa moved to pursue his studies in the US. After developing his career as a research assistant and assistant professor in UPenn, UCLA, and the University of Southern California, he became a professor in the UCLA school of medicine. Since 1989, he has been a professor in both Tokyo University, and has been the Dean and Professor of Medicine in Tokai University since 1996. He has constantly played prominent roles in the field of medical academia, including the chair of The Japanese Society of Internal Medicine, the Japanese Society of Nephrology, the International Society of Nephrology, and the President-elect of the International Society of Internal Medicine. He has been the Chair of the Science Council of Japan, and has also been appointed several times as Special Adviser of the Japanese Cabinet.
Hirotaka Takeuchi
Hirotaka Takeuchi is a Professor in the Strategy Unit at Harvard Business School, where he currently teaches three second-year elective courses: Knowledge-based Strategy, Japan IXP, and Microeconomics of Competitiveness (which he co-teaches with University Professor Michael Porter). He received a BA from International Christian University in Tokyo, Japan, and an MBA and PhD from the University of California, Berkeley. Professor Takeuchi's first faculty position at Harvard was in the Marketing Unit from 1976 to 1983 as an Assistant Professor and his second as a Visiting Professor teaching the Advanced Management Program in 1995-1996. Starting in 1983, he taught at Hitotsubashi University in Tokyo and served as the Founding Dean of its business school, Graduate School of International Corporate Strategy, from 1998 to 2010. Prior to his academic career, he worked at McCann-Erickson in Tokyo and San Francisco and at McKinsey & Company in Tokyo.
Tadashi Yokoyama
Tadashi Yokoyama
is Chairman of the Board, AGOS/Japan / Founding Member, HLAB
Born in Tokyo. Spent Junior High School days in Italy, and High School and College days in Southern California.
Majored in Linguistics at UCLA while serving as the first Japanese to serve as Head Manager for UCLA's
Basketball Team. Since returning to Tokyo in 1983, has created and led study-abroad advising services to help
Japanese candidates gain admissions to world's top universities and graduate schools. Currently serving as Chairman
of the Board for AGOS, Japan. Other activities include guest speakers and lectureer at various universities,
supports and mentor several inter-colleageate organizations, serve as a boad of director for JAOS (Japan Association
of Overseas Study), and for several companies and organizations, including HLAB.

Special Advisor

Ezra Vogel
Special Advisor
Ezra F. Vogel is a Henry Ford II Professor of the Social Sciences Emeritus at Harvard University and has written on Japan, China, and Asia generally.

After completing his Ph D at Harvard in sociology in 1958, he became a professor at Harvard in 1967. At Harvard, he helped establish the U.S. Japan Program and served as its director. In 1972 he became John Fairbank’s successor as head of Harvard’s East Asia Research Center. He was director of Harvard’s Fairbank Center and the founding director of Harvard’s Asia Center. He has also received an Imperial decoration and awards from the Japan Foundation, the US-Japan Foundation, and a lifetime achievement award by the Boston Japan Society. He has received ten honorary degrees. In 1993-1995 Vogel served during the Clinton administration as the National Intelligence Officer for East Asia on the National Intelligence Council.

He is the only scholar from any country to have written a book on Japan that became a best seller in Japan (Japan As Number One) and a book on China that became a best seller in China (Deng Xiaoping and the Transformation of China).


Ryozo Ichimura
HLAB OBUSE Executive Comittee Chair
Obuse Town Mayor
Mr. Ichimura graduated the renowned Nagano High School, before studying at the Faculty of Law at Tokyo’s Keio University. On earning a Bachelor in political science, he worked at Sony Corporation, before moving to his back to his hometown at the age of 27. In 1979, after the death of his uncle who was both mayor of Obuse town and CEO of the chesnut sweets manufacturer Obusedo Company, Mr. Ichimura joined the family business Obusedo along with his cousin. Involved in many projects in Obuse, he particularly pushed landscape beautification, from building regulations to city planning. Rising from marketing section chief to vice president of Obusedo Company, and as the former vice president of the Ichimura Brewery, he ran for mayor of Obuse town in 2004. He has since been in office.
Naoko Jinjo
Training Advisor
Naoko Jinjo currently works at International School of Asia, Karuizawa
(ISAK) where she has been a part of the founding project team. Naoko
has many experiences in designing and executing educational and
training programs, including summer programs at ISAK, leadership
programs for graduate students at the University of Tokyo and a 3-week
intensive training program for novice school teachers at an education
nonprofit. Prior to working in education management, Naoko was a
consultant at McKinsey & Company. Naoko holds a BA from International
Christian University and an MA in Education from Stanford University.
Yosuke Komatsu
On graduating college, Yosuke starts work at Recruit Holdings in the Spring of 2005. 3 months after the 3.11 Earthquake and Tsunami, he quits his job at recruit holdings, to become a member of the strategy division for the Onagawa reconstruction council. Helping with Public Private Partnerships, starting up new businesses, reconstructing existing businesses and reporting their needs, he has been and is still involved with the reconstruction of the Tsunami devastated town. In 2013 he starts and leads the NPO Asuenokibou (hopes for tomorrow), and in 2014 proceeds to become the city planning chief, as a member of the local commerce and industry association. He has since been the hub that connects Onagawa with cities both within Japan as well as overseas, leading the way for the reconstruction of businesses as well as the education of local city planners and business leaders. Named one of the “100 pioneers of Japan” by AERA Magazine,
Mayuka Yamazaki
Human Resource Strategy Partner
Mayuka Yamazaki is Assistant Director of Harvard Business School Japan Research Center. Over the past nine years, she has provided extensive research and case writing support for HBS faculty members and has helped organize a field-based course in Japan. She has also worked as a project assistant professor at the Global Health Entrepreneurship Program at the University of Tokyo. Prior to working at HBS, she worked at McKinsey & Company and the University of Tokyo. In addition, as a Japanese-style flower artist, Mayuka has exhibited her flower works and offered lessons. She obtained BA in economics from the University of Tokyo, Master of Science in Foreign Service from Georgetown University with academic excellence.
Toru Omiya
Principal Researcher - Keio University SDM x Obuse Social Design Center.

Toru was born in Yamagata City in 1988, and raised in Takasaki in Gunma Prefecture. Whilst studying for a master’s degree at the faculty of engineering at the University of Tokyo, he moved to Obuse in Nagano prefecture. Residing as the principal researcher for the Hosei University x Obuse town Social Design Center (Currently Keio SDM x Obuse Social Design Center), and using his knowledge of social systems refined through his city planning experience in the Earthquake hit Tohoku regions since 2011, he plans and coordinates projects such as the “Obuse Youth Meeting” “Obuse Summer School” - integrating and engaging both prefecture, local government and residents, as well as youth from outside Obuse.
Tatsuya Ino
Film Director
Born in Kasugai City of Aichi Prefecture, Ino began exlporing themes depicting social issues through film while enrolled at Kwansei Gakuin University, while also focusing his energy on the visualization of scientific technology and phenomenon. Following graduation he began his professional career in the film industry at Toei Commercial Film Co., Ltd.

In 2012 Ino shifted gears to acting as film director of documentary-style commercials promoting the people and resources of rural Japan, as well as creating promotional video content for small and mid-sized businesses looking to expand their operations overseas.

He currently crafts new forms of communication through film media by simultaneously acting as a collaborative partner in the projects he aims to capture.
Koji Jimba
Digital Communication Strategy Partner
Born 1989 and spends childhood in Kathmandu and Boston. Founded Flagship LLC after graduating university and offers services to accelerate presence building on the internet. Now works with HLAB as their partner especially in the internet domain.

Student Board

Kaori Chiba
Keio University
Year: 2nd
Course: Faculty of Economics
Major: Economics

Experience of HLAB
HLAB TOKYO 2015 Executive Committee
Kensaku Ishiharasa
Director of Planning and Execution
Tokyo Medical and Dental University
Year: 3rd
Course: Medics
Major: Medics

Experience of HLAB
House Leader
Kento Takawa
Director of Public Relations
Trinity College Dublin, the University of Dublin
Year: 3rd
Course: Business Economics and Social Studies
Major: Sociology

Experience of HLAB
House Leader
Hikari Miyata
Director of Participants Relations
University of the Sacred Heart
Year: 3rd
Dept. Education
Course: Faculty of literature
Major: Education

Experience of HLAB
HLAB TOKYO 2015 Executive Committee
Yuito Ishikawa
The College of William and Mary
Year: 2nd
Course: College of Arts and Sciences
Major: International Relations
Minor: Marine Science

Experience of HLAB
HLAB 2013 High School Participant
HLAB 2014 Staff
HLAB 2015 House Leader
Mikiko Ihara
International Christian University
Year: 2nd
Course: College of Liberal Arts, Division of Arts and Sciences

Experience of HLAB
HLAB OBUSE 2015 House Leader
Takaaki Yoda
Keio University
Year: 1st
Course: Faculty of Business and Commerce

Experience of HLAB
HLAB TOKUSHIMA 2015 House Leader
Ranmaru Shimoda
International Christian University
Year: 3rd
Course: College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Major: Biology

Experience of HLAB
House Leader
Mayu Yoshida
Director of Human Resource
Keio University
Year: 2nd
Course: Faculty of Low
Major: Politics

Experience of HLAB
HLAB TOKYO 2012 High School Participant
HLAB TOKYO 2014 House Leader
HLAB TOKYO 2015 Executive Committee
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