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What we do

This project was an innovative, intellectual, and far-reaching journalistic experiment:
10 foreign student journalists and photography/videography enthusiasts, invited by the Prime Minister's office and hosted by HLAB, sought to explore and illuminate Japan over a span of 19 days.

Encouraged to pursue whatever topic they found interesting while participating in various activities of HLAB , and while exploring various cities in Japan, the journalists' work eventually spanned topics ranging from Japanese views of success and failure to the robust Japanese artisan culture.

During their stay, students not only learned from each other, but also had unique opportunities to interact with and learn from professional photographers and videographers based in Japan.

HLAB believes that this Journalist Project can continue to be a platform for top student journalists, videographers and photographers around the world. Pieces below are the first steps of such an ambitious effort, so please sit back, relax, and enjoy!


Published Pieces