HLAB creates an opportunity to help many challenges
to explore through such a diverse education, the liberal arts, and doming lifestyle.

To Residential Education Generation

The biggest potential of such community
is that people may learn from each other rather than the lectures.

Conventionally, a style of education has been vis-a-vis between the schools and students where the former give lessons to the latter who pay the tuition. Nevertheless, with the emergence of MOOCs in 2012, it became able for any student to take classes at any university in the world.

This is free of charge. Many universities such as Harvard that offer liberal arts started to look into such residential education with keen interests. It allows to create a community where people from all over the world with different backgrounds and interests gather and read together.

The biggest potential of such community is that people may learn from each other rather than the lectures.

The Importance of Peer Mentoring

The value of encouragement from relateable rolemodels

In Japan, the social environment of home, school, etc. shapes your world, and your experiences through them become the standard.
Unfortunately, this kind of environment also tends to naturally limit future education and career opportunities.

In both the private and public, vocational school and international school; between high schoolers and college students both domestic and abroad. All around you, there are a surprising amount of informational borders that exist. Through their influence, "chance" meetings are more limited than you think.

From your everyday routine to study abroad experience, and even through career development, the world you know and the steps you go through to expand it benefit from the wealth of experiences that you own. Those people that are close to you, your peers, help in their own way by providing info and tips, spurring your onward.

HLAB believes in the strength of peer mentoring to overcome the various borders between schools, subjects, countries, and even generations. Thinking about the future with a diverse gathering of peers is the vision of ""liberal arts"" that we promote.

We advocate for a new approach to education

Getting over the "wall" with liberal arts education

Instead of just focusing of providing classes and lectures, HLAB strives to create a new educational environment through them.
From the university students who are just one step ahead to fully fledged, working adults and from students of every educational background and school, we gather all kinds of people.

Inside each of HLAB's Houses there is a group of all kinds of people that see past the borders of schools, nations, and generations. As peers, they learn and encourage each other in an educational environment that is tailored to help with whatever challenges lie ahead. This is what we believe entails a "liberal arts education.

Regardless of each student's background, home or school environment, and education, through interacting with various role models both from here and abroad, the students can expand their world. HLAB supports this new approach to guidance counseling and an approach to education that doesn't end with school.

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