Local Revitalization

HLAB contributes to support in bringing many university students
with different international backgrounds into the young and the local through education.

A chance to pick your future, wherever you are.

Diminish the educational gap between the local and the urban

A single e-mail from a high school student was what caused HLAB to spread beyond the Tokyo region.

“In Tokyo, there are bookstores selling specialized books filled with information. The place is filled with people and useful resources. Shouldn’t programs like HLAB be working outside Tokyo, where the most help is needed?”

Stepping abroad from Japan, and stepping into Tokyo from the rural areas. Perhaps these paths are similar in that there are very few people that have gone through them in the past.

This is what caused HLAB to spread its liberal arts model to the rural regions.

Creating new opportunities

Bringing the younger generation into the area.

We believe that new values are created by the spark that occurs when people from different backgrounds and environments bump into one another.

The close and vibrant interaction between the locals and the HLAB participants is such a spark.

Breaking the boundaries between “the city” and “the countryside”.

Create a network regardless to regional borders

HLAB brings together people from different regions, countries, generations, and backgrounds.

Through the program, people that would have otherwise never met meet each other for the first time. Not only do they meet, they create a mutual bond that lasts beyond the summer school period.

HLAB, a summer school where diversity meets learning.

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