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HLAB needs all the help it can get to keep a successful program running every year.
We are looking for support through funding, advertisement, and participation.
Please help HLAB take one more step into the future.


The HLAB summer school is a non-profit activity that is supported by generous donors who support and relate to the HLAB philosophy. Please support our journey in creating a life-time experience for high school students from all over the country.


Create the HLAB Summer School

HLAB is looking for passionate college students - from both Japan and abroad - to create the best possible summer school for the Japanese high school students. Your choice will make a difference.

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Work at HLAB inc.

Are you interested in staffing, interning, or working as a pro bono in the HLAB organization? We are looking for people that are willing to support the foundations of HLAB through management, advertisement, and creating relations with local regions.

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Other ways you can help

HLAB wouldn’t able to offer this summer school to the high school students every year without the support from various firms, organizations, and social corporations. Any form of support, such as donations, facilities, meals, and transportation is greatly appreciated.

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