HLAB to Launch New Scholarship for Japanese High School Students


HLAB, in cooperation with the Yanai Tadashi Foundation, has launched a new scholarship program

for Japanese high school students.


This scholarship will provide up to USD 70,000 for four years per recipient. HLAB will cooperate with

the Yanai Tadashi Foundation by designing the scholarship’s selection process and recommending

candidates to the Yanai Tadashi foundation. In 2017, the scholarship will send 10 first batch

students abroad.


Since its foundation in 2011, HLAB has been forming communities for high school and university

students around the world. HLAB has promoted interaction amongst students of different ages and

backgrounds by utilizing the concept of “Peer Mentorship,” broadening students’ horizons.


In addition to supporting students with intangible assets HLAB possesses—a community that

enlightens and motivates high school students—this scholarship will complement HLAB’s effort to

provide support to aspiring high school students in a tangible manner.


Details of the scholarship can be found in the website below.



For two weeks in August of 2016, HLAB will once again hold four summer schools for Japanese

high school students in Tokyo, Obuse, Tokushima (Mugi), and Tohoku (Onagawa).

Details of the four summer schools can be found in the website below.

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