About HLAB

"H" for HLAB stands for "House (Dormitory)" that would be people's interaction "Hub." (Our summer school used to be called "HCJI-LAB Summer School of LIberal Arts 2011")

"LAB" stands for "Liberal Arts beyond Borders." Our missions is to provide liberal arts education beyond generation and nationality and we hope HLAB will be the experimental place (Laboratory) for new framework of educational system in Japan.

Founder’s Story

In 2009, Ryosuke Kobayashi, who was a student in Hitotubashi University at the time, and his friends came up with the idea of HLAB. After long discussions at the Japan-America Student Conference, and American colleges such as Harvard and MIT, HLAB was finally founded by college students from both Japan and the US in 2011, 2/24.

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The footsteps of HLAB

Ever since its first Tokyo summer school in 2011, HLAB has spread nationwide, hosting summer schools at Tokyo, Nagano, Tokushima, and Miyagi in 2015.

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HLAB believes that to inspire students to step beyond their borders, the organization itself must be willing to do the same. The program is made possible by the staff and supporters that share this philosophy.

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Partners of HLAB

The HLAB summer school program is supported by the help of corporate donors and other organizations.

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Media Coverage

Previous media coverages of HLAB.

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